*Use native milkweed seeds to provide a habitat & food source for Monarch caterpillars.

 Milkweed Seed - Information on Caring for Seeds from Steve's Presentation-
1. Wrap seeds in a moist paper towel and put in ziplock bag
in refrigerator for at least 48 hours.
2. Plant about 3-5 centimeters in soil in a container indoors or outdoors after the last chance of frost in the spring.
3. Milkweed needs to be in a sunny area, with only partial shade.

                             At right - Monarch on
                                      Milkweed Plant

Butterflies- How to care for a chrysalis or caterpillar
-If you have been given a chrysalis at one of Steve's presentations, it has everything it needs already. Just make sure it has enough space to emerge as the butterfly comes out. 
-If you have caterpillar, it must have its host plant; it cannot eat a random leaf. The Monarch caterpillar eats milkweed leaves. If it came from Steve's presentation, chances are you were provided with the amount of the milkweed you need. 

 For more information on caring for Monarch caterpillars, look on www.monarchwatch.org 

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Large patches of bright colored flowers will attract butterflies. This garden is at the Plains, GA, Welcome Center, and is part of the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail.